Can I connect Circuit Design modules to Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

Yes, it is possible but the user needs to write his or her own program for the Arduino or Raspberry Pi to control the module as well as creating the user data. Our STD-601 Evaluation kit uses Arduino to control and communicate data to the module.

STD-601 Evaluation Kit using Arduino

Example of how to use Raspberry Pi with MU-2-R

However, it is not recommended to use Arduino with STD-502-R or STD-503 for synchronous data connection. For STD-302Z: If using 5V Arduino boards, note that STD-302Z uses 2.8V (except DI which can go upto Vcc) for H level. You will need a level converter between arduino and the module.

MU-4: We have a demo video here on how to use a temperature humidity sensor in conjunction with similar module MU-2-R. See here for connection diagram.