Can you check the communication content between two MU-4 units using a third unit?

There are three possible ways of checking the communication content between Unit A and Unit B with Unit C. Conditions: Make the User ID, Group ID, and channel the same.

  1. After transmitting from Unit A or Unit B, transmit the same content to Unit C.
  2. Set the Equipment ID of Unit C to be same as that of the target station, so that the data can be received at the same time. However, this method should not be used in a system in which data transmit commands that request an ACK response are issued.
  3. Using the relay function, always send transmissions via Unit C. ‘A -> C -> B, B -> C-> A’

In this case, use the data transmit command that outputs the same data as the relay station transmission data (with the /S or /B parameter).