I want to replace the existing wired connection (RS-232C) with the MU-4. With the existing connection only TXD and RXD are used. Is it possible to go wireless with the MU-4?

Basically it is not possible to replace an existing wired connection directly with the MU-4. You need to develop a new control program (using MU-4 commands) that matches the user system. The current system uses only TXD and RXD signals, but you need to find out how the program processes them. In addition, if you do not make the program to take account of the errors due to noise and the like that are normal with radio communication, communication may not be possible.

When a data packet error occurs with the MU-4 during radio communication, the receiver application cannot detect it. For this reason you need to design a protocol for transmitting and receiving data using the user data area (receiving normal packets sent after resending requests and the like.)